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    Last Updated On Aug 5 2019 3:12PM
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    Rayat Skill Development Project
    The Skill Development Project has been launched by the Raiyat Shikshan Sansthan for the purpose of providing employment-oriented and skill-based education and training to the students who are seeking education and employment in the Rayat Education Institute. The main objectives of this project are as follows:
    1.To implement various skill development courses implemented by Central  
       Government (NSDC) and State Government (MSSDS).
    2.To provide employment and self-employment training locally for the students of
       the rural areas.
    3.To implement skill development training programs with the help of various
       reputed entrepreneurs and professionals in the country.
    4.To provide employment opportunities by organizing placement cell at
       organization level, organizing placement camps and counseling for their
    5.To guide the students to self-employment and to prepare project reports, capital
       collection, sales management, marketing.
    6.To create better training system by creating new courses considering the demand
       of manpower in different fields, etc.
    7.To foster creativity, research and innovation in students.
       Various activities and courses are being implemented by MoU with various
        institutes to fulfill the above objectives.