• Social Activities
    Last Updated On Dec 15 2020 1:18PM
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    ·   A great leader of Satyashodhak Samaj founded by Mahatma Phule.

    ·   Leading activities of Campaign for eradication of untouchability.

    ·   Active participation in ‘Harijan Sevak Sangh’ founded by- Mahatma Gandhi- Father of the Nation.

    ·   Participation in ‘Shree Gadage Maharaj Mission’, Mumbai, the Sanstha devoted to social integrity, justice, fraternity and upliftment of Harijans.

    ·   A trustee of Depressed Class Mission started by the great social reformer Maharshi Vitthal Ramaji Shinde.

    ·   A Member of Mumbai State Backward Class Welfare Board.

    ·   Implemented scheme of overall development of 9 villages surrounding Devapur Tal. Man with collaboration of Sir Dorabji Tata-Trust, Rural Welfare Board.

    ·   A trustee of Sant Chokhamela Dharmshala, Pandharpur established for Harijans.

    ·   A trustee of Shashikala Sanitorium (T.B.Hospital) Jayasingpur, Dist.Kolhapur.

    ·   Active participation in Social conferences, for social equality and justice.

    ·   A member of Satara District Development Board.

    ·   A member of Rural Development Board, Satara.

    ·   A member of District Board for the Harijans.

    ·   Special efforts for the right benefits of the industrial workers through their union and facility of education for their children.