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    Last Updated On Nov 16 2018 1:05PM
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    It was an article of faith the Karmaveer that education is to be based on dignity of labor. He did opine that education should help our students to lead their lives independently. With this approach, he started Agricultural and Technical Schools. But today, the present educational system seems too bookish. Students are reduced to mere examinee. Since the system does not provide means of livelihood to the students, they find it very difficult to cope with the present time. As a result, they have become victims to many problems. In order to help our students lead an economically independent path, the institution has structured a plan through which short-term courses are designed such as technical, agricultural service sector, electronics, and process training etc. The institution has planned effectively their syllabi, information, examination procedure, economic provision etc. The institution has also made provision of courses for Girls such as Cookery, Screen Printing, Beauty Parlor, Tailoring and Fashion Designing, Fast food centre, Computer etc. For such short-term courses KVP has provided the financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 as a capital expenditure to various colleges. With the cooperation of Tata Trust, K.B.P. Agricultural. School, Devapur has started various short-term courses such as Farming, Dairy technology, Welding, Electrician, Motor rewinding, Two-wheeler Repairing. These courses have attracted student community of various schools and colleges. Efforts are being taken to widen this project.