• Cultural & Sport Activity
    Last Updated On Nov 16 2018 1:04PM
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    Kala Academy:


    The institution has established Arts and Sports Academy to motivate students for arts and sports activities. Academy organizes competitions such as Acting, Drama, and Music to enhance artistic sensibilities among students. Every year on 7th and 8th May various branches of the institution organize quality cultural programmes. Through this Academy, the students of Chh.Shahu Boarding House Branch No.1 have prepared the Musical Band. Such Musical Band is being prepared by girl students of Laxmibai Patil Vasatigrih.


    Krida Academy:

    The provision has been made at Satara, Kolhapur, Hadapsar, Shrirampur and Kopergaon for training of various sporting events. Efforts are being made to develop these centres as quality sports centres. Through this academy along with organization of sports festivals, health Awareness Camps are also being organized. It does also organize training and seminars for the Sports directors. The institution has raised a separate fund to meet the expenses of the academy.