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    The working network of the institution is spread across the rural places. Taking into the account the importance of study materials for the students and teachers alike as well as the Sanstha’s genuine concern for the Adult Education, KVP has been publishing books on various subjects since 1995. These books are being prepared by the teachers of the Institution without any remuneration. These books are being published with the kind cooperation of the International Publishing Houses such as Macmillan (India) and Orient Longman Ltd. With their cooperation, our publication has raised its standard and these books are circulated across Maharashtra. It has published English and Mathematics Workbooks (STD V to X), Marathi Handwriting Booklet, Value education workbook Series, Computer Series, English Dictionary (pocket dictionary), English grammar and Written Communication (for XI and XII). To acquaint students with the thought processes and ideology of the Institution, KVP has prepared a Biography series entitled ‘Yaani Ghadavila Maharashtra’. This series aims to publicize the work and ideology of many a social reformer such as Mahatma Phule, Rajarshee Shahu Maharaj, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, Maharshee Vitthal Ramji Shinde, Padmabhushan Dr.Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, Sant Gadage Maharaj.

    For this project, the teachers and professors of the institution have voluntarily extended their studious cooperation. They participate in a variety of processes such as Writing, Proof-reading etc. without any remuneration.


    Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhi has been publishing highly useful books for teachers and students alike.

    Rayat Dnyandeep: std X (Mathematics & English Q-Papers set) and for std XII th (English Q-paper sets)

    Career Guidance Issue: In order to help our students understand various career options for them after S.S.C.,H.S.C. every year the Institution publishes an issue. It has turned out a useful tool for the rural students.

    Rayat Shikshan Patrika: This happens to be the only Quarterly magazine that reaches all the employees of the institution. It publishes important events, activities carried out, organized various programmes, various resolutions taken, articles, interviews, the correspondence regarding Karmaveer. It is our house magazine.


    Research Journal: Bi-annually, the institution publishes the research journal Trajectory for the research-minded teachers of the institution to publish their research articles on various topics. It has been initiated from May 1993 to boost the research aptitude among the teachers and professors. There are very few research journals published in Maharashtra. U.G.C. and NAAC have thoroughly appreciated this project. It does have a separate issue on Science along with an independent issue based on Language and Humanities.


    Mental Ability and Mental Comprehension ability Booklet: Keeping in view the needs of the students preparing for RTS, Navodaya, Scholarship, MTS, NTS etc. a booklet is published to help such students for proper guidance for the same.








    All these publications have been made available to the students at affordable prices.