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    Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil alias Anna, his wife Sou. Laxmibai Patil alias Vahini, the idol of sacrifice, had handed over all her gold ornaments one after  the other including even her sacred Mangal Sutra, to meet the expenditure of the Boarding House. Though Vahini came from an orthodox and traditional background, she took care of the children of different castes as if they were her own. The teachers of the voluntary schools and the Life-Members of the Sanstha worked on very scanty wages and sometimes even without wages. Karmaveer Bhaurao had thus formed a bright and ideal team of Life-Members and vast net-work of its workers whose selfless devotion and sacrifice contributed to the growth and development of the Sanstha.We are all indebted to Bhaurao for his selfless services to the cause of education and welfare of the masses. In recognition of the unique value of his work, the University of Poona honoured him with the D.Litt. and the Govt. of India with the Padma-Bhushan. However the masses of Maharashtra, literate and illiterate, the poor and the rich had already conferred on him the greatest title "Karmaveer" meaning, "hero in action", long before. The people of Maharashtra came under the strong and formative influence of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil's towering personality, his lofty idealism, transparent character, simple living, uncommon sacrifice and saintly life.