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    Most of the students seeking admissions in the different colleges of the Sanstha do come from rural area and from the working class. The upliftment  of the students from the masses is the objective of the Sanstha. In order to provide the residential as well as boarding facility to these students coming from rural areas, the hostel facility is made available in 21 Colleges, out of which 11 are girls hostels and 10 are boys hostels. These hostels are well equipped and these facilities are made available to these students in reasonable fee.

    Besides, some of the colleges of the Sanstha run ‘Earn and Learn Scheme’ for the sake of poor and needy students. Through this scheme educational facilities are provided to these students free of charge. It is noteworthy that education is provided to the girl students through this scheme.

    At present, 1661 students have completed their education with the help of the Scheme and out of which the number of girls students is 1076