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    kvp logo.JPGDr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil established the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha to cater the educational need of the poor and the sundry people of Maharashtra. It happens to be a unique example in the history of pre and post independent India that objectives the upliftment of the poor and the down-trodden sections of society. Rayat Shikshan Sanstha activated its educational programmes by establishing hostels, primary and secondary schools. With the changing demands of the larger section of society, it diverted its attention to the initation of Training Schools and Colleges. It is the institution that provides a platform for the masses through which they would compete with the challenges of time and help people shape their lives. It does also aim at the quality education and along with the quantitative growth, it also channelizes its resources towards enhancement of quality teaching-learning process. With this approach, in 1974 Karmaveer Viday Prabodhini was established.

    ·   Prabodhini Examination- Exam of English, Mathematics, General Knowledge for 5th to 12th standard.

    ·   Rayat Talent Search for school- Talent Search in Rayat Shikshan Sanstha Schools.

    ·   Competitive Examination Guidance- For M.P.S.C. Exam

    ·   Competitions-Elocution competition

    ·   Quiz Competition- for High school & College student state level

    ·   Cultural & Sports Academy (Kala & Krida Academy)

    ·   Publications-

    1.Rayat Publication-

    2.Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini Publication

    3.Rayat-MacMillan Publication

    4.Rayat-Orient Black Swan Publication

    ·   School for Failure-(Pragati Vidyalaya)

    ·   Short Term Courses

    ·   Pre-recruitment Training- Military & Paramilitary

    ·   Exhibition & Archives Department-

    1.Audio / Video CD

    2.Pragati Vidyalaya Film

    3.Shahu Boarding Film

    4.Rayat Mauli Geet- Madhav Thorat a Marathi poet has composed-'Karna Lajun Vichari' Rayat Mauli Geet honouring life and work of Laxmibai.

    5.Rayat Geet-' Rayate Madhuni Navya Yugacha Manus Ata Ghadato Ahe'-composed by a great Marathi poet Vitthal Wagh remains the source of inspiration to the student of the Sansha.

    6.Ek Mahan Karmayogi

    ·   Exhibition

    Collecting various information, letter, photo of Karmaveer Anna & Sanstha.

    ·   Gurukul Project- In Secondary Schools, Residential and Non-residential

    ·   MHT-CET- for 11th & 12th Students

    ·   Training Academy(Rayat Jagruti Prakalp)-Training institute for all Teaching & Non-teaching staff of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.

    ·   Career Guidance Centre for College Students.