• Prabodhini Examination
    Last Updated On Nov 16 2018 1:03PM
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    Most of the students seeding education in the Sanstha are ruralites. It is observed that rural students find it difficult to compete with the urban students since they have an advanced access to the changing trends. It is particularly so in the subjects like English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. It has been an accepted fact that the school results of S.S.C. and H.S.C. largely depend on the students performance at these subjects. In order to prepare our rural students for the said subjects and to teach them the basic knowledge and also help them prepare for the Scholarship and other Competitive examinations, KVP conducts various examinations in English, Mathematics and GK, the fee for which is just Rs.20. It conducts six examinations in various subjects for the school and colleges of Sanstha. Since the curriculum is complementary to their schools, they find it very easy to find it. Every year nearly one and half lack students appear for these examinations. It is a matter of great satisfaction to state that this project through quality Q-paper sets and the appointment of external supervisors and computer-based evaluation procedure has helped us in raising standard of the examination.